The passing of United Nations Regulation 155 establishes a new landscape of organizational and technical requirements for automakers to fulfill in order to have their vehicle types approved.

Manufacturers are ramping up their cyber security capabilities in three core areas which, over time, will enable them to achieve compliance:

  • Structure - Manufacturers must introduce a system to manage cyber-risk as well as the capabilities to monitor, detect and respond to cyber threats, vulnerabilities and attacks to vehicles already in production and post-production.
  • Know-how - Manufacturers must be able to act on the guidance of internal audit evaluations and the needs of the cyber security program.
  • Technology - Manufacturers and their suppliers require a range of technology measures and tools in order to ensure proper data collection and response capabilities for UNR 155 Compliance.
  • Bonus - A list of technology measures derived from an in-depth analysis of UNR 155 performed by Argus. Deploying these technologies will help your organization comply with UNR 155.

3 Essentials for Automotive Cybersecurity Compliance (UNR 155) is a must-read for any automotive professional gearing up for UNR 155.

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